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This is my story, I am a civil contractor sajid khan, who was cheated by Panchsheel Group CEO Deepak Jain(9560990311)and GM Subodh Singh, I was called to panchsheel group Site

Dont Trust Panchsheel – Super Fraud Builder in Noida Extention

Hi All Panchsheel builders work on never ending deadlines. Expect 3-4 years of delay in the promised date of possession. I have booked 3bhk with them in 2012 with a

गैलेक्सी नॉर्थ एवेन्यू-2 के बॉयर्स की बैठक, प्रोजेक्ट में देरी और घटिया निर्माण पर चिंता

गौर सिटी-2 स्थित गैलेक्सी नॉर्थ एवेन्यू-2 के बॉयर्स की रविवार को बिल्डर कंपनी के सेक्टर-63 स्थित दफ्तर पर बैठक हुई। बैठक में प्रोजेक्ट में हो रही देरी और निर्माण क्वालिटी

गैलेक्सी नॉर्थ एवेन्यू-2 में तय समय पर फ्लैट्स नहीं मिलने से लोग परेशान

दिल्ली एनसीआर में जगह-जगह लंबे समय से निर्माणाधीन फ्लैट्स देखने को मिलते हैं. इस वजह से ग्रहकों और बिल्डर्स के बीच तनातनी की खबरें भी आती रहती है. नोएडा के

Worst Maintenance by GALAXY NORTH AVENUE 2 – Gaur City Noida Extension

Galaxy North Avenue 2 having very poor maintenance and services. Whole society is smelling with polluted wastage of homes. No cleaning of it. Feeling like we are living in chawl

Panchsheel Group – Greens II – Fraud and Cheater Builder in Noida Ext

I was given check of 10% for starting installment yet I wiped out following 1 month yet till date following 3 months my discount not came. Threatening cancellation of my

Very bad Maintenance & Construction Quality of Galaxy North Avenue 2

After passed one year nothing services improved in Galaxy North Avenue 2 Noida Extension. I am feeling very much cheated with galaxy services. no good quality construction and no proper

Fraud and Cheater – Galaxy North Avenue 2 – Galaxy Group

Galaxy Group is cheated and looted thousands of buyers and their money. All Galaxy North Avenue 2 buyers is crying and striking to get services. Hard to sustain here with

Buyers Cheated by Galaxy North Avenue 2 Gaur City 2 – Noida Extension

Hello All, I have a message for all upcoming buyers for Galaxy North Avenue 2 – Gaur City 2 – Noida Extension that dont invest your money with this fraud

GALAXY NORTH AVENUE 2 – Looting People

Galaxy has been charging exhorbitantly high maintenance charges without providing the basic amenities.Maintenance team never responds on time 1.) The Construction Quality is pathetic with every part of the flat

Galaxy North Avenue 2: No maintenance with highest maintenance charges in area

After completing one year in society, construction work still going on. After one year now basic amenities are working with unmanaged way while builder already got the maintenance for one

Galaxy North Avenue 2 Defaulted & Cheated Buyers

Builder has false promised. Leakage seepage pillars everywhere. Taking full maintenance but no facility.

स्विमिंग पूल में गंदा पानी, लोगों की सेहत से खुला खिलवाड़ – GALAXY NORTH AVENUE 2 – Gaur City

ये बिल्डर खुलेआम अपने फ्लैट खरीदारों के परिवार की सेहत से खिलवाड़ कर रहा है. दो दिन पहले इसने स्विमिंग पूल शुरू किया लेकिन एक हफ्ते बाद जब पानी बदलने


after shifted to flat after paid 1 year maintenance i am not getting any services. Galaxy North Avenue 2 in Noida Extension Noida is very bad developer who delivered 3rd

Galaxy North Avenue 2 in Noida Extension Noida – very poor quality flat

having no good words for this builder Galaxy North Avenue 2 in Noida Extension Noida because what they committed during booking of flat and after get i found very poor