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SAMPATTI TRADING AND DEVELOPERS LIMITED — Not refunding the paid amount towards the investment on plan

I visited the sampattitrading.com (SAMPATTI DEVELOPERS, PROEPRTYCHACHA.COM and EARNINGCHACHA.COM) and I invested with them for PLATINUM GROUP and Mr. Shanthi Swaroup Satija Proprietor of SAMPATTITRADING.COM convinced me for best return.

Shanti Swaroop Satija Real estate agent Delhi fraud — Fraud real estate agent

I was given an offer to invest 1 Lac through a team of fraud real estate agents named shanti swaroop satija – sampatti trading. I paid a cheque to Satija

sampatti trading and developers limited is a big fraud — only 2 people in office runs the company

sampattitrading.com is a fraud company , he takes the investment amount and vanishes with the money .have done fraud and have been caught so many times

sampatti trading — property- refund issue

Dear sir, This complaint is regarding a fraud done with me in commercial property related investment case by Sampatti Trading and Developers Limited in CP delhi. One of thier CEO


I have Invested Rs. 10 Lac/- to SAMPATTI TRADING AND DEVELOPERS LIMITED. one man Mr Shanti Swaroop Satija called me up that he will give best return of investment in

Sampatti Trading – Fraud Platinum Business Plan for Cheat Customer

propertychacha@gmail.com , sampattitrading@gmail.com and sampattitrading.com is a fraud company and uses unclean methods to attact customers to invest in various scheme. They ask the invest money to various plans and

Paisa chori bnd kro satija – frzi business krke lootna bnd kro “छोटा नवेश बड़ा मुनाफ़ा”

I have paid Rs. 20,00,000/- to sampattitrading.com. one man Shanti Swaroop Satija called me up and given me huge offers by investing big amount. I trusted him as he shown

Fake Gold Business Plan by Sampatti Trading

Sampatti Trading owner Shanti Swaroop Satija who cheating and Fraud with 10-12 people with last 5-6 years. He is dealing in near by 314, 3rd Floor, Competent House, F-Block Middle

Interest cheques are bouncing of Sampatti Trading – Invested with Silver Business Plan

My retired mother has invested money in Sampatti Trading for an amount of 3 lacs, and my brother in law has invested 10 lakhs, and I have invested 50 thousand,

Sampatti Trading And Developers Limited — Not guaranteeing for return only take money – total fraud

Dear Sir, Sampatti Trading And Developers Limited has open officr in Connaught place delhi. They are not offrting various investment plan and giving attractive offers to customers. I become victim

Sampatti Trading – 5 Lac Cheated from me

Sir, I invested 5 Lac with Sampatti Trading and its my big mistake i didnt research over internet for them. After make payment i asked for my PDC cheques as

Sampatti Trading – Property Trading — Shanti Swaroop Satija delhi is fraud estate agent and company

Mr. Shanti Swaroop Satija is Fraud person . I loss my 12 lacs and now he is saying I have not received. if Anybody is in contact with this person

Sampatti Trading — Not give my return investment amount

Sir..please help us Sampatti Trading – Property Trading ko maine 3 Lac Rs investment kiya tha aur unhone ashwasan dilaya tha ki hr mahine wo log mujhe return+principal return denge.

Sampatti Trading – Property Trading — Real estate broker cheating clients

Mr shanti swaroop satija a real estate broker, his co name sampatti trading and developers limited delhi I has cheated me of money and also using fraud and blackmail with

सम्पत्ति व्यापार – फिर पैसे की चोरी – सतीजा ke द्वारा – Sampatti Trading

समपति के मालिक तो वाहि चोर,डग है जो TV पर आता है,शांति सतीचा। पैसे ले कर गालि देता ओर पैसे कभी नहीं देता,इसे जेल जाना चाहिए,इसे नर्क मिले। प्रॉपर्टी चाचा.कोम