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Galaxy North Avenue 2 – Fake commitment and poor delivery of flat

after got a flat after 6 months nothing has been changed. one complaint takes 2-3 weeks to resolve by maintenance after many calls they come and do poor work. Always

Interest cheques are bouncing of last 8 month – Sampatti trading cheater company i have seen ever

My retired mother has invested money in this company for an amount of 3 lacs, and my brother in law has invested 10 lakhs, and I have invested 50 thousand,

sainik vihar Bhiwadi-Next big Fraud of Property chacha(delhi Aaj Tak shanti swaroop satija of delhi.

sainik vihar Bhiwadi-Next big Fraud of Property chacha(delhi Aaj Tak shanti swaroop satija of delhi. 1.wrong and misleading location plan 2.claiming 52 bigha township but no ownership. 3. only

Sampatti Trading Fraud Real Estate Company — Refund Request

I booked an Apartment with Sampatti Trading with strong intent to buy it for self-purpose. The source to fund this property planned was through 2 ways selling my land &

Sampatti Trading Real Estate Delhi — Refund for 5 Lacs Cheated money

Sampatti Trading gave me cheque for surrendering plots, but before I withdraw money it was seized. Now they are not giving any response and I am not sure what is

LIST of few VICTIM of Shanthi SwaroupSatija (Owner of Property Chacha,, Property Mantra)

Hello All, Mr. Shanthi Swaroup Satija owner of all these companies during the business of Property Running the fallowing Company”s 1. Property Chacha.Com 2. Satija Builders & Financiers Limited 3.

Refund Request for Invested money in Shanthi City from

Invested with M/s mr.shanti swaroop satija owner of (property chacha), new delhi , on 21 March 2012 For a residential plot measuring 150 sq.yds in their proposed Shanthi City

Check Bounce of Against Refund Request for Project Asha Purna Chandan Vihar

I have booked a plot in Ashapurna Chandan Vihar through for a plot by paying Rs 1,00,000 with under signed by Shanti Swaroop Satija. I have been informed

Filing Case Against SHANTI SWAROOP SATIJA & for refund my investement

I am cheated by (property chacha) for my money witch is invested by me in through Mr. Shanti Swaroop Satija. now I am in front of at – New Formula of Cheating & Fraud by Property ChaCha

Sir, I have booked a plot through Property ChaCha ( in Haridwar and Property ChaCha ( assuring me that company will take all the responsibility for document and deposited amount

Master of SERIAL BOUNCER of cheques “Shanti Swaroop Satija – Property Chacha(”

In view of grievance of Mr. Subhash Chander, I found nothing wrong. It is established fact that Sh. Shanthi Swaroup Satija Proprietor of Property Chacha( has created a HISTORY of

KING of FRAUD & CHEAT Master Shanti Swaroop Satija

Delhi Aaj Tak has promoted a KING of FRAUD & CHEAT Master Shanti Swaroop Satija in the Field of REAL ESTATE. Shanti Swaroop Satija is history, cheater with a record

Shanti Swaroop Satija Total Fraud Real Estate Broker by Shanti Swaroop Satija ( Satija Builders & Financers Limited) is a Marketing tool and has no Technical legal, financial experience. He treated like the physico-mental of investor and

Only Cheating on Property Mantra by Shanti Swaroop Satija

Any Investment simply seeing the T.V. Show like Property Mantra on Dilli Aaj Tak is not the problem solven but verify the credentials of builders and developers and his past

Be Aware of CHAKKARVIEW of Shanti Swaroop Satija

Shanti Swaroop Satija (Owner of ) is dishonest person with his promise as he deviated from his property business to short term, small investment and not to return both