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Letsbuy Mobile(Lets buy mobile – letsbuymobile.com): fake and fraud site

Hi I am priyansh, I have ordered a phone from this site and they are not responding to mails or call and informed me that my application got rejection. I

Don’t be fool by letsbuymobile : they will trap you easily

Dear friends , I am pooja and booked a order on this fake company and would like to suggest don’t buy anything from this fake site and fake company.please be

100% fake company: Be careful: Letsbuymobile.com

Dear Sir, I am bharat Singh from Haryana. Few days back I ordered a phone and my customer id is LBM31079126 .As per conversation, you have told me that I

Order undelivered: letsbuymobile.com

I have booked micromax canvas and didn’t get the delivery because of application rejection . please provide me my money back as I come to know its fake company with

Order not delivered. Waiting for Response from lets buy mobile employees

I have booked phone Sony experia and till now I have not received any mail or response from them please help my order id is LMB09086527.

Be aware of lets buy mobile

This company is into selling of dell laptop without EMI on credit card , I also ordered my phone and my id order number is 17088423.and they have not delivered

Letsbuymobile has not delivered the wrist watch

I have ordered a phone with ID Number LBM17400 on 10.7.2014 and due to low credit score my application got rejection and they promised me to send a watch which

Be aware of letsbuymobile.com: Completely fake and Fraud Company

I have ordered a phone on Aug 2nd 2014 and got a message on Aug 19,2014 that my application is rejected from higher authorities and send me the wrist watch

Please don’t VISIT FAKE and FRAUD Site: Letsbuymobile.com

This company is completely fake as they get the money from customer by providing mobile phone on EMI without credit card. They are complete;y fake policies or rules and have

Order not received: Letsbuymobile.com

I am prakash and ordered sony experia dual phone from letsbuymobile.com and my ID is LBM 22077858.I already taken a legal step against them and gonna sue them soon. They

Application Rejected and wrist watch not received by letsbuymobile.com

I have ordered a phone with ID LBM28068254 and my application was rejected and they said we will send you wrist watch instead of refunding the money. I have placed

Waiting for approval : LetsBuyMobile – Lets buy Mobile – LetsbuyMobile.com

I have ordered a phone sony xperia dual with order number is lbm04087647. They didn’t give my order till now and wanted to check whether they are fake or will

Return my money: LetsBuyMobile – Lets buy Mobile – LetsbuyMobile.com

I am also victim of this online site which provides mobiles phone on EMI without credit card . I have ordered on 30th july 2014 and didn’t get any delivery

Fraud company : LetsBuyMobile – Lets buy Mobile – LetsbuyMobile.com

This company is completely fraud.. all the websites, employees , phone numbers are fake and making their customers fools by rejecting there documents. So be carefull…don’t buy anything from letsbuymobile.com

LetsBuyMobile – Lets buy Mobile – LetsbuyMobile.com – refund my money 900/-

Dear Team, I had given an order for Micromax on June 28th 2014 and my order number is LBM17274 and on July 8th 2014 I received a message that my